Masala Tea 100 GM
Masala Tea 100 GM
Masala Tea 100 GM

Masala Tea 100 GM

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Masala Tea CTC (50 Cups) | 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS | Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Rose Petals, Aniseed & Black Pepper | Brew hot or Iced Cold Chai Latte | 100 GM

  • Hindcha's Masala Tea Royalé Chai is one of the most popular tea recipes from India using a carefully mixed proportion of STRONG ASSAM CTC as a base and blend of 7 AROMATIC INDIAN freshly crushed SPICES - Cinnamon, Black Cardamom, Green Cardamom, Dry Ginger, Aniseed, Black Pepper & Rose Petals. It is an ideal blend known for quick rejuvenation. Brew it hot, iced, or Kombucha tea, with or without sugar. Excellent with milk and sugar.
  • BREWING INSTRUCTIONS - Life is like a cup of Tea. It's all about How you make it- Our Recommendation * Fill a kettle or pot with 180 ml of fresh, filtered water and once it reaches a boiling temperature between 194 - 212 °F / 90 - 100 °C,  add 1 Teaspoon of Tea Leaf Per Cup. Cover the Pot & Let it Brew- Brew Time- 4-5 Minutes. Strain in a cup. May add milk and sugar as per taste. Sit back, Relax & Enjoy the Aroma of the Tea
  • A PERFECT GIFT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES-Hindcha presents flavoursome teas freshly sourced from India's famous tea gardens to your loved ones. Great for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts & festive gifting with attractive premium packaging. Only the finest of the world teas qualify to be Hindcha.  A gift of high-quality tea is indeed a gift of good health. Contains freshly procured tea with an unforgettable taste and aroma.
  • TIME TESTED HIGH QUALITY, ETHICAL, DIRECT & FAIR SOURCING- For decades Mittal Tea House is serving premium teas in India and is India's largest distributor of esteemed tea estates, like Lopchu, selling teas upwards of 20,000 kgs annually. Our innovative supply chain model ensures you get the freshest teas & our farmers get a better price for their produce. Now Hindcha is taking this legacy forward by connecting tea farmers directly to global tea consumers.
  • HINDCHA VISION - The term HINDCHA loosely converts to Tea 'Chai' Of India 'Hind' in the Hindi language. Started by Mrigank Singh Raghuvanshi, an ISB alum & seasoned entrepreneur, and Keshav Kant Mittal, 3rd generation business owner of the Mittal Teas family. Hindcha's Vision is to bring together the century-old art of tea making and the science of creating robust & scalable mechanisms to ensure that Hindch's customers get the freshest and finest teas of the world directly from the farmers.


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