Specials & Blends

Hindcha House Blends - English Breakfast, Earl Grey

Hindcha's English Breakfast House blend tea is a STRONG & BOLD BLACK TEA BLEND of THICK, ROBUST, RICH, AROMATIC, BRIGHT & LONG LIQUORING LEAVES from the upper ASSAM and DARJEELING region. As a delicious caffeinated black tea, it is an ideal breakfast tea to kickstart your mornings every day that combines virtues of taste and flavour. Also, excellent with milk and sugar.

Earl Grey Exotica is an exclusive blend of premium long leaf DARJEELING TEA from India blended with 100% Natural Bergamot resulting in a DISTINCT FRUITY FLAVOR. Hindch'a Earl Grey Exotica black tea leaves can be used to make Kombucha tea as well. This loose leaf tea can be brewed as hot, also popular as a refreshing iced tea throughout the year.

Specials - Hindcha Masala Tea Royalé Chai, Tropical Mango

Hindcha's Masala Tea Royalé Chai is one of the most popular tea recipes from India using a carefully mixed proportion of STRONG ASSAM CTC as a base and blend of 7 AROMATIC INDIAN freshly crushed SPICES - Cinnamon, Black Cardamom, Green Cardamom, Dry Ginger, Aniseed, Black Pepper & Rose Petals. It is an ideal blend known for quick rejuvenation. Brew it hot, iced, or Kombucha tea, with or without sugar. Excellent with milk and sugar.

PREMIUM TROPICAL TEA WITH A HINT OF MANGO & ROSE - HINDCHA's Tropical Mango Tea tastes fantastic in the summer months to give you a refreshing balanced character. We blend freeze-dried mango chunks with Indian Darjeeling green tea and rose petals, to give you a distinct fruity flavour with a tropical taste.